Johnny Manziel: All Is Up For Discussion



I recently wrote an article which created quite a stir. The crux of the article spoke to how and why people achieve fame, fortune and notoriety in our society, which has changed considerably over time.

It also spoke to people’s work ethic and what can be achieved from hard work and preparation.

The article drew comparisons between Kim Kardashian and Johnny Manziel as examples of two individuals who have not accomplished a great deal, but whose fame is disproportionate to their achievements. It is a fact Kardasian’s fame dwarfs Manziel’s.

Nonetheless some were aghast that I compared KK with Johnny Football. Perhaps I would be too! Continue reading

Johnny Manziel Famous For Nothing

We have created a culture where people are famous for being famous.  There are people who have accomplished nothing yet they are notables. Johnny Manziel and Kim Kardasian are two perfect examples of this phenomena.

The football season has begun as training camps have opened and the games are practically upon us.

Johnny Manziel whose bad boy reputation has garnered him attention has yet to take a snap under center in the NFL. Despite that, Manziel has enough money and fame to last him a life time. For accomplishing what– I do not know– but what a gig! Continue reading


Lebron James Hypocrite Extraordinaire



Lebron James is a hypocrite plain and simple. Four years ago James talked about building a long term dynasty in Miami and at the first opportunity he bailed. What does it mean– not much unless you were the jilted one.

What upsets people who have been the victims of a change of heart is that they want others to honor their commitments when it is good for them, while at the same time giving themselves the latitude to make changes when it suits them.  A perfect double standard! Continue reading

Your Sport Story: A German’s View Of US Basketball

IMG_0266 (2)

In This Edition Of Your Sport Story A German Basketball player discusses the differences between the United States style of play and the German style of play as well as his impressions of German and US societies.  Continue reading


For Lebron James Like Dorothy There Is No Place Like Home



“There is no place like home” uttered Dorothy as she clicked her ruby slippers and was suddenly and swiftly back in Kansas surrounded by her loving family.

Lebron James uttered exactly the same sentiments when he expressed his desire to return to his hometown of Cleveland Ohio. And just like that he too was home again. Continue reading

Your Sport Story: Soccer Is First Love

10369167_1426688487612738_8739187549344642201_nI have been listening to people’s stories for what seems like my entire life. I never get tired of listening. Stories define us while giving meaning and context to what we want to communicate. Sports are the love of my life–I have many of my own sports stories and have listened to thousands of others. People to say the least are passionate about sports. I am now going to share people’s passion, love and their pathos through a new feature on Facebook and on my website. Titled “Your Sports Story”

Here are the link to Your Sport Story I would enjoy your feedback! Continue reading

Jurgen Klinsmann Has No Expectations of Winning World Cup

PC: Geeks and Cleets

PC: Geeks and Cleets

When the coach of the United States soccer team Jurgen Klinsmann made a pre-tournament statement which basically indicated that the our chances of winning the World Cup were not good, the reaction was swift and at times critical.

Was Klinsmann’s choice of words a way of motivating his players a psychological ploy? Or was it a coach who spoke ill-advisedly and demotivated his players?

Turns out it was neither, and given our success to date no one seems to be complaining now. Continue reading