Jeremy Lin A Different Perspective


There were and are a number of theories and speculation on how other teams over looked and missed out on Jeremy Lin. Actually they may not have–and here is why.

As much as evaluating players has become a statistical and physiological process there is still a great deal of art involved on how players are assessed.

Players much like the rest of us get labeled with expectations, reputations and stereotypes that are often difficult to change. This is because some people may not be willing to accept the idea that they may be wrong in their perceptions.Thus, there are many false positives (players who are playing on teams that should not) as there are many false negatives (players who are not on teams and should be).

Sometimes it takes players time to mature or find the right situation for them. Unfortunately in today’s world few are given that option as immediate production is demanded.

To me it was obvious that Jeremy Lin was/is not as good as he appeared to be when he went on his initial tear and that other teams were going to adjust. I think it fair to say (and fair to Lin) that he should be judged over a period of time. After all there is nothing like a proven track record to assess how good someone is.

Now we are going to see how Lin adjusts long term. On the surface he appears to be handling the intense attention and scrutiny rather well. Make no mistake about it Lin is under intense pressure despite what he says. Having a support group and his faith I am sure has been, and will continue to be helpful.

The media and the world had a great time with this story—and still are. Many cannot help but relate to someone who came from out of nowhere and showed them all! Being undervalued and misjudged is not uncommon. Add on the Asian pride factor and it is a real feel good story to me. And it sells papers, jerseys and tickets which is good for the economy. What could be bad?