Adrian Peterson On HGH-No Surprise Why Some Believe That To Be The Case


It was no surprise that rumors circulated that Adrian Peterson used HGH and perhaps other banned substances to aid in his recovery from his torn ACL and MCL last year. In fact I would have been shocked if people did not suspect that he was using HGH to have what was not only a good year ,but one of the all-time great seasons.

Apparently it did not bother Peterson at all who claimed he viewed it as a compliment when accused.

However denials by players like Peterson are going to be viewed  suspiciously by many for a long time to come.  That is unfortunate for those that do achieve cleanly and fairly, but who could blame anyone for doubting any sort of accomplishment in sport?

After denials from the likes of Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and lame excuses from a ton of other athletes that all proved to be not true, the public has become conditioned  into being cynical and disbelieving when athletes achieve beyond expectations– or perhaps when they achieve at all.

Moreover, some when they are accused engaged in character assassination on the highest level to discredit their accusers and went free. And despite both Clemens and Bonds beating the charges against them, there are few out there that believe that either player was not involved with some sort of PED.

There are other reasons for the public to be suspicious and it does not necessarily involve the players it involves us.

It has been my experience that the more someone is suspicious of others, the more likely they too have transgressed in some form or another– or have thought about it. So perhaps it takes one to know one?

While surely in the minority however, with the numbers apparently rising (including high school aged athletes) we too are using those substances and more in a manner that it was not intended for, to aid us with our everyday tasks and routines.

The use of stimulant medications to study long hours and take tests is apparently rampant in colleges across the country. Top executives have reportedly used substances for better performance as well. Recreational drug usage seems rampant and the debate about how, when and where to use marijuana is ongoing. But the penalties are certainly becoming a lot less for both possession and usage.

With the proliferation of enhancing drugs, potions, creams and medications as well as advances in science it is going to be a challenge to determine what is legal and what is not, as the public’s thirst and apparently many athletes to get any edge in any manner seems never ending.  Sales of supplements are at an all-time high as the public craves feeling, looking and performing better.

There is good reason that fans and the public are looking at athletes skeptically ,and unfortunately it hurts those that have played and accomplished  fairly,

But we should not only be looking at athletes and wondering what they are using, we should be looking at ourselves as well.