Peyton Manning and Tom Brady- Out With The New And In With The Old


463830591Chip Kelly has come into the NFL along with a wave of change that is partially overtaking the league led by the likes of the Colin Kaepernicks, RGllls and the Russell Wilsons of the game who can run the spread offense, and do all sorts of newfangled things with a football and player formations that we have not seen since our school yard days.

Just a mere ten weeks ago there were no words to express the enthusiasm about Kelly and his new approach to running, passing and throwing a football.  Some were even crowing with an enthusiasm not seen since a Beatles concert about just how exciting all this was going to be. It was all going to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

But in our over the top enthusiasm for the new, we seemed to have forgotten that perhaps some of the most basic things that have been done for generations on a football field still have value.

All we have to do is look at Peyton Manning and Tom Brady to remind us of the fact that competency, intelligence, and execution remain the most necessary attributes to be successful, and that the tried and true still has great value.

As a culture we seem so eager to embrace, create and find fads while at the same time dispose of what has worked.  Emotional thrill seekers are we seemingly to need some bandwagon or fad to jump on which often leads us to not be circumspect or patient enough leading us to not look before we jump.

It seems endemic to our society that we seem to do this routinely with our politicians and perhaps social causes, in addition to anointing professional athletes, teams, and those in sports championship status before they even step on the field.

The anticipation is emotionally enlivening and many get caught up in the conversation providing good water cooler talk–if not the media’s incessant coverage.

And when the inevitable happens as we often tend to have unrealistic expectations of others that cannot be—and are not met, we feel let down and turn on the unfortunate ones we mistakenly elevated.

However, it must be noted those that have become premature notables often revel in the craze that surrounds them which only further contributes to their being overhyped.  A brilliant story arc in Woody Allen’s movie To Rome With Love speaks directly to this and is a must see.

While we have seen amazing new inventions and technological advances it is rare that something is created that has never been seen before.  Rather, the majority of new things in most fields tend to build upon on the past making improvements and innovations to them.  I never knew you could do so many things with water.

More often than not when all is said and done these new innovations get integrated and absorbed into the mainstream.  For example, the old American Football League made major innovations to the passing game that is still being featured in the NFL today.

Sometimes it just seems like we want to embrace change for the sake of change.

While Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Eli Manning and Joe Flacco run about as fast as snails compared to the new speed boys they have won along with their old fashioned coaches a few Super Bowl rings.

All Peyton Manning is doing is breaking football records faster than Kaepernick can run, and Brady continues to throw footballs with laser like precision and find ways win.  Who would have ever thought that Bill Belichick and John Fox would be considered old school? They are actually not and nor do they seem to be going any other place fast.

I am all for the new and different especially when it is exciting and innovative.  After all that is what this country is about creativity and new inventions, it is all part and parcel of what makes us a great country.

Perhaps we will see the day when the new quarterbacks and their coaches rule the day in the NFL, or  just maybe the game will have room for many different styles of play as it has demonstrated over and over again when new styles are introduced.

So before we overly embrace the new Eagles, Kelly and all those quarterbacks running around like gazelles, with lineman lining up in odd places, maybe we ought to pay closer attention to the tried and true—it has worked just fine so far