The Pittsburgh Pirates-Bonding Generations and The Importance of Parent Child Relationships


The passing of the human experience from one generation to the next has been going on since the beginning of time, and it must have seemed like a very long time for Pirate fans as they have not seen their team in the playoffs in more than a generation.

Sharing stories of the past with their cohorts and conveying to those that had not seen the better times and what is was like when the Pirates were family, must have been reminiscent of an after Earth movie for Pirate fans.

Starved and desperate for a competitive team nonetheless a playoff birth, Pirate fans only recourse was to remember and live off their memories and the emotional fumes of their last victory and period of prosperity.

But the time has finally arrived for those from different generations to come together and experience in a truly memorable moment what will surely be passed down to  future generations, with sports being the conduit in this instance.

As a society we pass many important things down through generations including our values, mores, and family memories and stories about our loved ones, and of course our genes.

We also pass along and influence others especially our children by modeling our likes and dislikes, our preferences, as well as our attitudes and behaviors–which children clearly model.

Both research and common sense shows that parents remain the number one influence on their children’s lives. We have a golden opportunity to both bond with our children and brand them to their favorite sports teams.  As parents I think we should get a piece of the marketing royalties!

Bonds between parents and children are formed by parental influence and mutually shared interests. However it is often the case that the child adopts parental preferences to both please and identify with them.

In addition, parents who want to connect with their children and form relationships with them take an interest in what interests their child. Many parents do this even if they are not good at what the child likes, or do not enjoy it—it all goes with being a parent and loving your child.

At times sports can teach us many lessons about life. Such things as winning and losing, disappointment and cheating are all part of sport.  The idea of giving your best effort and learning to live with the outcome is one of the most important lessons anyone can learn if they are going to cope with life successfully.

How parents both explain and model how they deal with these things can have profound effects on their children.

In families that are heavily involved in sports parents spend a great deal of time not only talking with their children about their favorite team, but watching sports on television and going to games together.  Playing with your child and watching them play is also part of that relationship. These are all truly special times.

All one has to do is watch parents with their children on television to see how special it is–the looks on parents and their children’s faces that are captured by the camera are sometimes priceless.  And with this being the playoffs it makes it all the more exciting and special.

I was one of the lucky ones, I got involved with sports as my father was an avid sports fan, and I was also born with a bat and ball in my hand. Great genes!

My father was one of the greatest all around athletes I have ever seen as well as being one of the most insightful people I have ever known about life.  We spent countless hours enjoying sports together and I idolized Willie Mays and still bleed Giant Blue— all due to him.

I continue to cherish those memories and moments we shared around and about sports and have attempted to pass them down to my own children. Much in the same way the Pirate nation will pass down this moment win or lose to their children and future generations.

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