Manning Under Immense Pressure Making Mistakes That Are Not Totally His Fault


Updated 10-11-2013:  Clearly the Giants are just not good enough. Being 0-6 after the loss to the Bears that is becoming more and more obvious.

Baring that we hear there is not something physically wrong with Eli Manning– Manning like all others can lose confidence, try to make things happen when they are not there, and at this point become more tense in situations like you saw on the last pick. That was an easy throw for the old Eli.  So something has to be going on between his ears to do what he is doing.  Other than that.. the status of the Giants remains basically unchanged.

Giving other players a chance is a good  way to go in this manner you can get some idea of what they can do for you in 2014.


There is no doubt that Eli Manning is not having his best season which is perhaps an understatement. Beyond the fact that Manning is playing poorly there are also a number of other reasons why he is not thriving and some of them are not of his making.

Clearly the Giants lack ability whether it is due to injury, inexperience or lack of talent. With offensive lineman playing in unfamiliar positions or ones that they are not suited to, you have to wonder who is calling the offensive line signals, as there are more than a few inexperienced players on the line.

With no running game to speak of Manning is forced to go to the air often with his life on the line when.  Defenses and their coordinators are sophisticated and are teeing off on Manning taking advantage of all of these weaknesses and more.

Manning is tougher than nails but if you look at the last few seasons his uniform rarely got dirty.  Any quarterback of Manning’s status with time will rip you apart. But Manning is not used to being in the situations he is currently in when he drops back to pass—despite having great pocket presence.

With little experience in this type of situation you might say that Manning might be inexperienced and prone to mistakes.  After all running for his life is not something I can ever remember Manning doing.

Additionally, Manning is clearly forcing things attempting to make things happen while taking too much of the burden on his shoulders.  Anytime you force things that are not there mistakes are more likely to happen, as they are at an alarming rate.

Offenses have to operate in unison and when they are out of sync in the way the Giants seem to be miscues occur, and it appears that on many plays, players are not where Manning thinks they are going to be.

Keep in mind that the Giant offense is a complex one that requires receivers to read the coverage and adjust their routes accordingly. This requires timing and communication between the receivers and Manning—which is being disrupted when Manning has defenders draped around him.

Thus you see a lot passes thrown to places where players are not and others being dropped by backs that turn around not expecting to see the ball so soon.

With an offense that has historically been built on a long downfield passing game and a ground and pound running game, it will be interesting to see what Kevin Gilbride comes up with to protect Manning and get the offense going.

If Gilbride and the Giant brain trust do not come up with something soon—I would be concerned about Manning’s health because he is going to continue to take a beating especially by teams with dominant defenses.

We certainly do not want to see another game like the one we saw against the Chiefs as no matter how tough Manning is–no one can withstand that type of beating on a regular basis.


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