Derek Jeter: Brilliant Both On and Off The Field


Derek Jeter is far from a perfect person or baseball player but in a career that has spanned close to twenty years Jeter has nary a scratch on him when it comes to his personal image and the stellar reputation he enjoys with the public and press.

In a day and age when many are scandal ridden and all are microscopically scrutinized, Jeter has been nothing short of brilliant in the way he has handled his image on and off the field.  

With the press and public putting athletes under such scrutiny, Jeter regardless of whether he is genuine or not, cannot be blamed for being self-protective in the environment in which he finds himself.

It would be an understatement to say that Jeter has not helped his case by the level and standard of his performance and the way he goes about his business.

Playing through pain and injury, never taking at bat or inning off, as well as his consistent and insistent stance that winning is the only thing that matters, has all endeared him to all.

Jeter is not only gifted on the baseball field he also has exceptional social skills. His ability to speak clearly as well as concisely and when necessary eloquently helps him avoid trouble with the press and public.

Jeter shows great poise and exceptional ability to deflect and field potentially inflammatory questions posed by the press. He never veers from his answers on positions and won’t allow himself to be baited. 

In this manner he exhibits self-control and more importantly sets boundaries with others he comes in contact with. Many have difficulty accomplishing one nonetheless both.

Most recently he has been both candid and honest about his frustration and feelings about his 2013 injury plagued season which has served to both humanize him and add to his credibility.

During his career Jeter has had to deal with his fair share of public issues, one being when last he was a free agent when GM Brian Cashman chose to make the negotiations public, which clearly irked him.

Additionally, he was chastened when he reportedly iced A-Rod out of the locker room click after Rodriguez made ill advised comments about him to a magazine.

The fact that both of these incidents  seem like ancient history is a tribute to both time and Jeter’s capacity not to make the same mistakes again.

We all live in a world where our professional lives are quickly merging with our personal ones, and public scrutiny is at an all-time high. However, Jeter’s personal life has been managed as well as his professional one.

If TMZ has not been able to smear Jeter– perhaps there is not much on him?  It has been reported that Jeter enjoys the status that comes with celebrity and is also quite the ladies’ man. It seems that Jeter has smartly and adroitly chosen both his romantic partners and friends, as few speak publically about him.

Jeter has built up such a well of good will with his fans and the public perhaps some may think twice about criticizing him.  All you have to do is look at what happened to Brandel Chamblee after he accused Tiger Woods of cheating, and Jeter is pristine when compared to the trials and travails Woods has endured.

It was reported that Hal Steinbrenner made Jeter’s contract status a top priority in the off season and Jeter got handsomely rewarded for all he has done for the Yankees and no doubt his future marketability to the franchise.

No one pays that kind of money to a forty-year old shortstop no matter his physical status.

Jeter has stated that he wants to remain in the game after his playing days are over which is coming sooner rather than later.

His social skills and the ability to cope with the myriad of situations that he has successfully handled during his playing days will surely aide and assist him in dealing with the issues he will face when he is part of management.

As for the present Jeter remains simply magnificent at managing his public persona both on and off the field, and should be considered an exemplar for others on how to successfully conduct oneself both on and off the field.

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