Martin-Incognito and The Miami Dolphins: All Are At Fault


The more we hear about what is going on within the Dolphin organization one has to wonder who was running the ship. It seems from varying reports that the inmates were running the show if we are to believe what we are hearing.

With new allegations and information coming out daily it is becoming increasingly clear that there is certainly something remiss going on in Miami.

At this point it is not who one believes because even if all the stories we are hearing are true—then either way no one in the organization is going to come out smelling like roses.

In business the buck stops at the top and it seems hard to fathom that Joe Philbin, his staff and the water boy, had no idea of what was going on in the Dolphin locker room.

If as reported Jeff Ireland suggested to Jonathan Martin’s agent that he hit Incognito when Martin’s agent reached out to him to resolve the issues– than the core is also rotten.

At the very least Richie Incognito’s judgment has to be questioned.  What did he think was going to happen if and when his texts, and voice mails were to come out and been seen by others– as they are now.

Incognito’s text and messages are a very interesting way to tease a” good friend “and it speaks to the fact that Incognito misjudged the effects of his behaviors on his “little brother” Martin.

Incognito was voted one of the dirtiest players in the league, and in conjunction with his past record on other teams, this all speaks to his judgment and character.

As for Martin he clearly has problems either as a result of his treatment as he is now claiming, or his issues existed prior to the year and a half treatment he was allegedly receiving—or both.

Regardless, at the least his coping mechanisms need to be questioned.  Martin’s leaving of the team indicated that he was experiencing feelings that he could not tolerate or cope with.

People who are feeling well do not check into hospitals and look to remedy situations through attorneys who are suggesting they were in fact harmed.

There is a chain of command in the organization and it appears that for some reason that it was not followed, or followed in a manner that would have lead to resolution.

As for the fans they are acting like fans, and more correctly like people.  All of those involved in this incident are people who happen to be employed in the field of football. Not the other way around.

It is difficult for many not to objectify others and see them as the human beings they are.

People continue to react accordingly as many can relate to what is happening because they have been harassed, bullied or exposed to less than best working conditions.  In addition, many have opinions about the situation– as they should.

For those that are responding in a vitriolic manner they are overly projecting themselves into the situation and are not keeping their emotional boundaries.

At the heart of this it is a work place harassment issue that is being played out in the public realm and we are getting a good view as to what happens in the Miami Dolphin’s place of work.

As with any industry it has its own culture and way of doing things which might cause others to wonder if this is what happens on all teams in the NFL—I think not.

Players have come out and talked about rookie hazing and teasing but all have indicated that they have never heard, seen or experienced what is going on in Miami.

The NFL is investigating the situation and the Miami organization is under a microscope so it is no surprise that they appear to be circling the wagons.

The player’s support of Incognito is interesting to say the least, and it speaks to them.  But it is only natural that people and organizations become self-protective when they are under siege.

As for Martin regardless if he turns out to be the completely wronged party, the ramifications of his actions are going to affect his relationships with his teammates whomever they may be going forward.

I could truly understand that many might not trust him.

Incognito may not in the end be the only fall guy for what has happened but his reputation has only become further sallied.

Some are suggesting that there will be reforms regarding work place behavior in the NFL and my best guess is that will occur.

At the end of the day one has to wonder how this situation all got to where it is now in the first place.

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