Rex Ryan: A Changed Man Also Gives Rise To A Changed Jets Team


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Rex Ryan just a mere two months ago was being portrayed as a buffoon who was on life support as far as it pertained to his chances of returning to the New York Jets next season.

With a behavioral history that would have begged the question whether or not Ryan was diagnosable he was a sure shot to fall off the coaching carousel at the end of this season.

It seems however that Ryan under the care and supervision of new general manager John Idzik has been able to make great strides in changing the perception that he was a manic persona and an inept football coach running a butt fumble football  team.

This all goes to show that people can change under the right circumstances.

It seems all too frequently that first impressions can have lasting impressions as people feel most comfortable categorizing and compartmentalizing others.

Those who are in fixed positions with no means for redemption often lament their behaviors, while being frustrated that those around them do not see other aspects of them.

It seems that no matter how hard Michael Vick works to resurrect his reputation the public will never forgive him for his involvement with the dog fighting scandal. In the public’s eyes Vick remains a one dimensional person.

As for Ryan he has shown relative to himself great poise and thoughtfulness in how he both presents himself and speaks.  We are no longer privy to boasts about how he was going to kick Bill Belichick’s behind, guaranteed Super Bowl predictions as well as the other outrageous well chronicled outbursts he was famous for. And to his credit he also lost a great deal of weight.

Oh Ryan has had his moments this season,  one being when he ill advisedly got into a spitting match with Bill Belichick. However, he has found a more middle reasonable ground, while leaving the press with less guaranteed back page headlines.

Perhaps it took someone like John Idzik who others have pointed out is the polar opposite of Ryan to rein in Ryan’s tempestuous nature.  Or more than likely, Ryan got read the riot act—and it was made clear to him that his behaviors had to stop and his team had to play better. Both have occurred.

It is funny how fickle fans can be.  At the beginning of the season the Jets were the laughing stock of the NFL as Ryan was working on mastering the company line and parroting Idzik’s comments.  But more importantly no one gave the Jets or Ryan a chance to get out of the NFL cellar this season.

The Jets have far exceeded anyone’s expectations as they control their destiny for a potential post season playoff spot.

If you had asked Jet fans if they would be happy with a 5-5 record at the beginning of the season with the potential for a playoff spot in sight, my best guess is that they would have jumped on it. Yet they are screaming for poor Geno Smith’s head as the jury is still out on rookie quarterback drafted by Idzik.

To a man the Jet players profess to love playing for Ryan, and maybe there is too much love there as they seem to not show up on some Sundays.  But for the most part the Jets play hard and more importantly all are under control in terms of behavior and comportment in Jet land.

To be fair four or five years is a large sample to judge someone’s behavior and character, and if in fact Ryan was scared straight by Izdak, and make no mistake about it he was read the riot act, it is to his credit that he has conducted himself in the manner he has.

Fans are who and  what we are fickle and whimsical many going through extremes mood changes week to week dependent on their team’s status for their mood status.  Which is not good!

As for Ryan to his credit he has proved the disbelievers wrong while at the same time righting his own personal ship.

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