Manning and Brady: The Downside of Brilliance


463830591History has shown that the Tom Brady’s and Peyton Manning’s of the football world come around once in a generation.  While each has left their mark on the playing field in terms of successes, they are both truly football geniuses who have made those around them better.

This has been no easy personal feat for them but their desire to win and compete has made them the consummate professionals they are.

Having done research in the area of giftedness in terms of how to both identify those who are gifted, and how to best work with them, I can tell you that it can be difficult for those who see the world in a different manner than the rest of us do.

Both Manning and Brady see the football field and all that goes with it differently than others.

What sets both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning apart from all others is not only their physical gifts but their intellects.  There are a few that may be as smart Manning and Brady are or as physically gifted, but none have both to the degree that they do.

While it may seem glamorous to some, those that do not see the world as others do in any way, shape or form often struggle as they have difficulty relating to others who cannot see, and understand what they do.

Both research and common sense shows that even at the highest levels of intellect there is separation between those that are highly intelligent and true brilliance.

The vast majority of us are not in the class with those who are able to think reason and conceptualize in a manner that is new, different and often ground breaking

And the percentage of the population that is truly brilliant is less than one percent. Manning and Brady are in the less than one percent of their peer group setting them stunningly apart from the rest.

When people see their world differently than others they often feel alienated and not connected to the larger populace.  In contrast those in the beginning of the gifted range, or are high achievers, are more adept at getting along with those around them, as they are able to use their cognitive skills to assist them in navigatng the world.

Manning and Brady have shown patience in dealing with those around them.  Not only it is their job to do so but in their best interests if they want to win– which they both have.

We can all relate to the either having others not understand what we are trying to say or convey, or have been on the other end of not grasping what we are being told.

Brady appears to be outwardly a little less patient with those that do not get it right or are not on the same page, as compared to Manning who seems to go about it in a different manner.

There is little doubt that this season has taxed Brady’s patience as he to work with a kiddie receiving corps and deal with injuries to various key players.

It has been helpful that Brady has had his co-equal in terms of football intelligence around him for his entire career, as the Bill Belichick-Brady combination has attested to.

For Manning he has been somewhat less fortunate in this manner as he has experienced different coaches, teams and philosophies.

Having talked to ,interviewed and worked with athletes of all ages they are similar to all in terms of intelligence as well as what goes into being human.  While they are more physically gifted than the general populace, they are not any smarter than the rest of us.

In fact, research shows that those who spend enormous effort, energy and time in singular pursuit of a goal pay the price of not being able to attend to other pursuits—- which often leaves them less well rounded.

This is the price all of us have to pay to get to the top in any field of endeavor.

It is to everyone’s benefit to respect what others have to offer in terms of their capacities.  Those that understand and grasp their abilities in relationship to others fare better as they are more self- accepting.

Those that do not—struggle, both Manning and Brady appear to both be comfortable with who they are as well as having accepted those that are different.  It has led them both to have unparalleled success in their field.

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