Jerry Jones: It is All About Jerry


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Jerry Jones got into the NFL for a myriad of reasons many of which were to fulfill he psychological and emotional needs. Those are very good goals for anyone, and if you can also make a living doing it-well you are sitting pretty.  And Jones most certainly is!

It is not everyone who makes millions and is able to buy an NFL team and Jones was. He then was able to use his skills to market his team in a way that made him and to a lesser degree the league money.

Jones has gotten to live out his fantasies and clearly enjoys what he does.  And it does not take a lot of insight to know that he enjoys all the attention both positive and negative that he gets. Few get as much press from the media as Jones gets—he speaks we listen and of course react.

I do find it interesting that people who have been successful in one field of endeavor believe that those skills and traits that initially made them successful would translate into similar success in another arena.

Filled with the initial confidence that made them what they are people can sometimes under estimate the new challenges they are facing.

And this quote from Jones from the speaks to that.  “It never occurred to me that we would have the challenges that we have winning the football games.”

Perhaps Jones had forgotten that he was not successful in his early ventures until his oil and land lease company struck it big.

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If you recall Jones came into the league and tossed the Cowboy organization upside down. He did not endear himself to many in the manner and way he treated legendary coach Tom Landry, whose family still does not speak with Jones.

Sometimes initial success deludes people into believing that it will be easy and clear sailing going forward.  This is far from the case. However you could see that by winning early on Jones might have thought it was going to be easier than it has been.

Jones along with Jimmy Johnson his college chum won two Super Bowls and squeezed out one more after Johnson’s departure. But the two former college chums egos clashed and Jones has not won a Super Bowl since. A record of 137-137 from 1997 on is about as mediocre as it gets.

Jones also did not anticipate that he could not control the entire league and other owners who had different agendas than he did. Many wanted a fair playing field and an opportunity to win as well.

Powerful and well respected owners of large market teams for example the Rooney’s and Mara’s realized that the health of the league depended upon the well-endowed few helping the many. This appears to be a business personality trait that never really seemed to be part of Jones make up. It still remains all about Jones to this day.

It does not seem to matter that every pundit, fan, and person on the street knows that as long as Jones runs the show the Cowboys chances of winning are diminished. Jones is having himself one hell of a good time and for Jones that is all that matters.