Broncos Defeat Patriots: Poorly Played Game by Patriots and Blown Opportunities Contribute To Loss



Peyton Manning was superb and all the kudos go to the Broncos their performance was nothing short of spectacular in an all all-around well-played game by the Broncos on both sides of the ball.

Manning was in total control and at one point got into a rhythm where he could not miss. He  had an outrageous completion rate while throwing for 400 plus yards to all his receivers.  I thought the Broncos played well but not great.  With this amount of yardage they should have scored many more points.

When you  combine this with how poorly the Patriots played you had a game that was a winnable game for the Pats.

Despite the fact that the Broncos had the ball for the majority of the game holding the ball for eleven  minutes more than the Patriots, while dominating in every statistic imaginable they were still held to 26 six points. And the Patriots did have their opportunities.

There are many turning points during a game and despite the score the Patriots had their chances.

By my count there were six key plays in this game on the Patriot side.

Here they are:

1-Two long passes to wide open receivers that were overthrown by Brady.

2-Two unconverted fourth down attempts

3-The decision to not go for the 47yd field goal which changed the momentum of the game, as the Broncos took their next possession and scored.

4-The missed two point attempt on the Pats last score which would have put the Pats down one score with plenty of time and three timeouts.

I enjoyed my Can’t Miss Picks Columns and will of course pick the Super Bowl winner.  Here is what I had to say about the Broncos-Pats game before the game and I will let you the reader decide how close I came to calling the outcome. Below is the full article link followed by what I had to say about the Broncos Pats game.



As the New England Patriots prepare to play the Broncos it might be prudent to step back and take a look at what is nothing less than a modern era football dynasty.

It is very difficult to pick against the Patriots in any situation. Given how injury ravaged the team is, and how they have performed to date it is truly a testament to Bill Belichick. He is my outright favorite for being named coach of the year. And you can read more about the Patriots organization as I did a special edition post on them before their divisional playoff game-

The Patriots roster features undrafted and discarded players. They are masters at finding, evaluating talent and cultivating it. Belichick is a master game planner and neither team has a great defense.

The Broncos did show that they can play defense last week to some degree as they were more physical on both sides of the ball then they normally are. Other teams have shown that they can run on them.

They have lost a starting cornerback but the Patriots wide outs do not scare anyone. In fact I heard one NFL expert opine that if we ranked the wide-outs for both the Broncos and Patriots the Broncos receivers would be ranked 1-4 followed by the Patriots receivers!

So for the Pats it will come down again to if they can run the ball against the Broncos.

But you never know with the Pats they find a weakness and exploit it so they may defy what everyone is saying and come out throwing. Keep in mind that is Tom Brady under center for the Pats.  He has made Julian Edelman look like well- a receiver.

The key will be time of possession Denver is going to score points it is just how many.  They have way too many weapons on the offensive side of the ball and their tight end Julius Thomas is a beast. Their other wide outs are no slouches as you know which will put tremendous pressure on the Patriots secondary and pass rush. And finally there is Peyton Manning.

Here is a special edition feature on Manning.

Like-The Patriots—all are picking against them and I just admire the way they go about their business and the job they do. Somehow some way they might find a way to win this game.

Pick-The Broncos I just do not see the Patriots keeping up with them in Denver. The first meeting the Pats came back not this time. I actually originally thought this to be a close game any team with Brady cannot be counted out. I actually do not see the final score being that close.

Manning is on a mission.