Matt Harvey Needs The Spotlight


Matt Harvey’s recent twitter post depicting him giving the middle finger prior to his Tommy John Surgery created an uproar as the fans, the media, and the Met organization as well as Harvey himself all weighed in on the merits of his post.

This sort of action-behavior has become all too common place for Harvey and some are suggesting that Harvey is an emerging spotlight craving prima donna—and they may be right!

Harvey is making a habit of these sorts of behaviors and consequently the inevitable discussions-clashes he has had with the Mets management over the appropriateness of his actions.

From posing nude in a magazine, courting models and starlets, appearing in the front row at the Garden, and making ill advised comments about his status, needs and desires, Harvey has proven himself to be a handful.

Recently, Harvey broke protocol and invoked a clause in the collective bargaining agreement to force the Mets to let him attend home games during his rehabilitation from surgery, while spending the remaining time in Florida rehabbing at the Mets complex.

But this was not before the disagreement became back page fodder and it was clear that both sides were irked.

Most disconcerting about the finger tweet was the fact that Harvey was that while he took down his twitter account after the uproar, his comments did not reflect an understanding that his behaviors were not in his or his employer’s best interests.

In fact Harvey can be quite verbose in defending his actions and can be at times cantankerous.

It is understandable that Harvey who grew up immersed in the social media craze would perhaps think the finger pose benign, and maybe it is in his circle of friends or peer group.  But it was not appropriate for a baseball player who works for the Mets.

Harvey’s lack of understanding about the effects of his behaviors has begun to suggest that not only is he a starved for attention persona, but more importantly it also suggests deficits in his judgment and reasoning.

Harvey has every right to carve out his own identity and has professed his admiration for Derek Jeter’s lifestyle, while telling all that he would like to emulate it.

Moreover, if Harvey needs any additional role models all he has to do is look within his own club house where a fella named David Wright resides.

He could pick far worse role models and the fact is he could pick none better. But Harvey to date has not followed in their footsteps.

Rather, he has been on a path of “all about me” while making choices that will threaten and alienate his teammates, fans and his current employers.

The Mets at this juncture appear to be handling Harvey for the most part with kid gloves in public, but behind the scenes one gets the impression that there have been struggles over his behaviors.

If Harvey continues on this path he is in danger of finding out not only how fickle fans can be but how quickly he can be tagged with the “problem child” label.  This is a label that many have found hard to shake once it is attached.

It says here that Harvey is going to make a few more missteps before he gets his act together—if he ever does.