Donald Sterling Demented or Just An Old Babbling Fool


There are a number of possible conclusions that can be taken away from Donald Sterling’s mea culpa interview with Anderson Cooper.

First, what did we expect Sterling to say– he was guilty?  Not a chance. 

Second, any reputable or irreputable PR person would have advised Sterling to do just what he has been doing.  Lay low for a bit then deny what people are saying you are followed by the obligatory interview with a high profile journalist, or TV personality. 

This is right out of image rebuilding 101.

Few would be blamed for not buying Sterling’s protestations. This is a man who has a long rap sheet filled with doing nasty things to others, at times getting caught and then punished for them.  Just in the manner he was nailed in this latest escapade.

And Sterling once again put his foot in his mouth in the interview with Cooper when he made additional inflammatory comments about Magic Johnson. Seems he cannot get out of his own way.

Sterling is a man who is used to getting his way and imposing his will on others.  So his statement that he should not lose his team as a consequence of what he said makes a great deal of sense. 

People like Sterling rarely believe their punishments fit their crimes.

However, maybe he should lose his team for other reasons?

Mrs. Sterling has also been doing her own damage control as she seeks to gain ownership of the Clippers after her divorce from her future ex.

She too has also had her obligatory image control interview with Barbara Walters. In that interview while Mrs. sought to paint herself in the most pristine light, she also suggested that Sterling has Alzheimer’s.

This diagnosis should not to be discounted.

I can see how people would be reluctant to buy this diagnosis given Sterling’s history. But Sterling’s actions are often associated with people who have some form of dementia.

Mrs. Sterling has reported that her husband indicated that he did not recall what he had said to his paramour. Moreover, he suggested that his behaviors were an attempt to bed a much younger women and he saw allowing her to tape him as a way to accomplish his goal.

Sterling also suggested that he was set up by a much younger women while at the same time deluding himself into believing she cared for him.

Barbara Walters called Sterling’s actions erratic and most are saying the Sterling came across as a babbling old man during his interview.

Sterling’s comments and actions are not mutually exclusive with a possible onset of Alzheimer’s. Sterling can be a louse, a racist and he can also be sick. Many racists are. 

His presentation and verbalizations while somewhat characteristic of some men who are 80 is not totally commensurate with a man who has all of his faculties about him.  

Perhaps this is due to the horrific stress he has been under as all have professed him to be tormented.

But spouses have a way of knowing things about each other that the rest of us don’t. Perhaps he is just a babbling old man whose wife has come up with a convenient diagnosis.

Both Mr. and Mrs. come off as conniving and self absorbed so who knows?

It says here something is wrong with Sterling, what that exactly is remains to be determined.