Jason Kidd: Being True To His Narcissistic Self

PC: FanDuel.comm

PC: FanDuel.comm

It was neither shocking nor surprising that Jason Kidd left the Brooklyn Nets after just one season as their head coach. Kidd has a long history of doing what is best for Kidd who often exhibits narcissistic characteristics.

There are few who seem to be lamenting Kidd’s departure and for good reason.

Never one for pleasantries with the press, Kidd has a long rap sheet when it comes to well- being Kidd.

Kidd’s rap sheet includes domestic abuse, a DWI in the Hamptons, as well as leading an insurrection to undermine one of his coaches when he was a player.

In addition, luring his friend and basketball mentor Lawrence Frank to work with him, and then banishing him can also be added to the list.

Thus, it came as little surprise that Kidd forced his way out of Brooklyn by making a demand that he knew would not be met.

But the Nets got just what they deserved. While there is no perfect predictor of one’s behavior, the best predictor of one’s future behavior is their past.

All Kidd was doing was acting consistently with his past behaviors much like the rest of us.

The Nets did not do their homework or chose not attend to the obvious—much like the rest of us often do.

Sure the Nets have hired Lionel Hollins to steady the ship and bring stability to the franchise. However, with the potential loss of Paul Pierce and the status of Kevin Garnett who is playing on vapors, the last year for the Nets has been an unmitigated disaster.

The trade which brought Pierce and Garnett to the Nets is looking better and better each day for Boston—or worse for the Nets depending upon how you want to spin it.

It is a new era in which we seem to be living in where people are being treated as interchangeable objects. One of the effects of this is to loosen the bonds that connect us. Thus, people are more easily thought of as being disposable and replaceable.

The swiftness in which Kidd was out and Hollins was in speaks directly to this. So does free agency in sports which has inadvertently created a similar environment.

Players are for the most part hired guns as the bonds between players and management appear transitory.

This makes every new season an emotional roller coaster for fans as players they have formed bonds with are no longer on their favorite teams.

What is happening in sport is just reflective of what has been occurring in our society where employers are treating employees as interchangeable, and then seem to take umbrage when employees respond in kind.

Divorce has become the norm, as has planned obsolescence. The concept or idea that things should be built to last is long gone.  Built Ford Tough is just an empty slogan. Perhaps it always was.

Kidd now resides in Milwaukee with his long-time owner friends. One has to wonder how long that relationship will last as the Bucks like the Nets chose not to pay attention to what is a well- known scientific fact.

The best predictor of one’s future behavior is one’s past.