Why Alex Rodriguez Lied and So What

PC:Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

PC:Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The latest revelation that Alex Rodriguez admitted to federal prosecutors that he took PEDs and did business with Biogenesis was not surprising.  If anyone thought that Rodriguez had not taken PEDs than I have a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge to sell them.

Rodriguez suffers from a low self-concept and sense of self which drives his behaviors and decisions much in the way gasoline powers a car.

Rodriguez was one of the most gifted if not the most talented player to come out of his era. But that was not good enough for him. He needed to assure that he would be the best so he would reap all the adulation and accolades that would have come with it.

It has been my experience that people with low-self concepts and no emotional foundation require this kind of adulation and affirmation and seek it at all costs.

In this instance the cost for Rodriguez is a shattered career and reputation.

Rodriguez’s emotional state and not money as some have suggested, led him to make several decisions that proved to be fatal for him.

He denied wrong doing and attempted to impede MLB’s investigation. He personalized the issue by casting aspersions on MLB, Bud Selig, his assistants and the team he played for—the Yankees. This did not endear him to these people

While it is true that many players used performance enhancing drugs not all players and situations were handled fairly or consistently. That is because this is the way the world works. Fairness, and consistency are at times arbitrary concepts.

Additionally, it is who, what when and where things were and are done. Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa played in a different PED era and climate.

Rodriguez was the highest paid player in an era where baseball was attempting to clean up the game. This proved to be bad timing for him.

In terms of lying, it is common place in our society and it runs the gamut. People lie for many reasons. First it is a natural part of our society everyone lies.

People lie for various reasons.  At times it is to save face and not get caught and suffer the consequences.

Many believe they are not lying and have convinced themselves of such-thus to them it is not a lie.

Others do it so it is acceptable that they can do it too and so on.

A-Rod has alienated the press, fans and the authorities so it makes sense that many want to see him pay the price. Many of the boos and criticisms will turn to cheers if he produces.

He is the highest paid player in the game so A-Rod will always be a target  Beyond that A-Rod sells and people want to read about him.  At the end of the day the only person Rodriguez hurt was himself. Simple as that!