Deflate Gate: Belichick and Brady In the Cross Hairs


There is no way around the fact that the Patriots violated the rules if they under inflated the balls. There is no condoning or excusing it if in fact they did it!!  And at this point it is not clear that they did.

I could certainly see how teams that were beaten by the Patriots would be very upset if the Patriots won unfairly. I could also see how the fans of the teams that were victimized would be upset—as they should be. As should those who made their livings and achieved their reputations fair and square.

That said unfortunately people cheat, lie and steal all the time.  Humans have been doing these things and more since the beginning of time. For those that have been victims they too can relate to what the Patriots have reportedly done.

For those that have either lied, cheated or broken rules they also can relate to what the Patriots have reportedly done.

The problem at times is that they do not.
People rationalize their actions so as a means to excuse them. So the rationalization that everyone else does it seems to justify their actions. It is the  excuse of choice for elementary school students and some adults.

The world in which we exist is an uncertain, unfair, unpredictable and often chaotic place. At times people have trouble accepting this.

When rules and laws are broken quite frequently justice and the consequences are not consistently enforced. People complain about this all the time as they should, as we seek to become a more fair and just society.

Those who enforce the law are given leeway for good reason. They need to take into account the circumstance under which crimes are committed as well as why rules and laws are broken.

Thus, at times punishment and consequences can be arbitrary and whimsical, and people need to accept that this is the case, work to change the system–or both.

Bill Belichick is clearly the brightest and most accomplished coach of his generation. It is unfortunate that at times he adopts a win at all costs mentality that appears tosome to cross over the line when it comes to fair play. He clearly spends a great deal of time thinking about ways his team can achieve an edge.  Perhaps it is something that bright minds and criminals have in common.

Even if he did not know anything about the deflated balls, Belichick is responsible for what happens with his team, and will be held accountable in the end.

It is easy to see how others are not surprised by the current fiasco that surrounds the Patriots. People can have a hard time forgiving and forgetting incidents such as Spygate, a cheating partner or anyone with a soiled life rap sheet.
It is unfortunate that this incident occurred at this time. The NFL has had a tough year or two or more, regarding scandals and the enforcement of rules. The league was just beginning to put the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson scandals behind them and then this.

Last year they were dealing with the Dolphin bullying scandal where Joe Philbin was found to have no knowledge of what was going on right under his nose-and received no punishment from the NFL.

But Belichick has a rap sheet and these are the Patriots a model of consistency in all phases. Do not doubt for a second that envy, jealously and payback are in play here. Belichick is not an easy person to warm up to. He does not make it easy for the press to do their jobs and many feel demeaned by him—so payback feels good for those who do not like him.

What is interesting is that Belichick does not seem to care what others think of him. In fact, his statement came across as totally creditable to this writer, but I realize that it is being dissected ad infinitum by fans and the media who have every right to reach their own conclusions.

The only one who knows for sure if he is telling the truth is Belichick himself.

In terms of Tom Brady for anyone who has ever played a game using a ball or tools of their profession it is hard to fathom that as he claimed that Brady did not know that something was remiss with the balls he was using.

But here too, only Brady knows for sure or perhaps not- as someone has to know or provide a reasonable explanation.

Moreover, it has been my experience that people who lie often believe their lies. That is why the truth in part why the truth is hard to come by at times.

It has been interesting to see how Brady’s and Belichick’s peers have reacted to the what really is an understanding among them as to how the game is played and as to what is allowed and what is not, as well as what is fair and not. Every profession has its own code of ethics that go beyond the hard and fast rules.

There is little doubt that as with any institution the rules in the NFL have not been followed to a tee. It is rare that rules are fully enforced as society could not function in this manner.

Unfortunately the outcome of this incident is going to have an effect on all the quarterbacks in the league, who by their own admission have very particular tastes as to how their balls are prepared.

It is a certitude that going forward the teams will have very little or much less latitude with the balls that are used in the games. It is rumored that the Super Bowl balls are in lockdown and under heavy security and will be guarded by Navy Seals throughout the game. Whoever  did this and  turned the Patriots in is to thank for that. All suffer when a situation like this occurs.

But then again if your career and livelihood was affected by someone that was cheating, bending the rules or benefiting in a way you were not, you too might have feelings and an agenda.

As for the public and fans they are as usual hypocritical and judgmental. Few of us have led perfect existences. Additionally, all are attempting to make what is subjective, objective.

But this incident has allowed for anyone that has an agenda or ax to grind to do so.. Every sports fan and non-sports fan it seems is busy weighing in. So emotional reactivity and projection have been on full display.  In addition to harbored angers and frustrations that are being vented.

The only thing that is for certain here is that a rule was broken, or not and that there will be consequences, and as with any situation of this sort not everyone will be satisfied.

It have been nice if the NFL’s investigation had come to a conclusion prior to the Super Bowl week but it appears at this point that is not going to happen. Here too the wheels of justice are out of control of the fans and those who would like to see justice served in their time frames.

The deflate gate story has dominated the news and that is sad as there is so much more to talk about football wise.
For those in the media they too fell into it. It is a difficult profession they are in. The demands of having to provide ongoing new and interesting stories to an emotionally needy public who requires something to be reactive to or discuss- can be daunting. So a huge story like this took them off the hook of having to come up with new and interesting ideas, thoughts and angles, which are at a premium.

As with any profession there are those that are capable or thinking and coming up with new ideas and those that are not. And for the latter this is a boon for it has been my experience that they either take others ideas, change the facts or make things up. Kind of what they are accusing the Patriots of doing.