The New England Patriots: We Hate Em Because We Ain’t Them


Talk all you want and more the New England Patriots own the best regular season record for the last fifteen years. Additionally, they have won three Super Bowls over that period of time. Few teams in any sport can compare to the Patriots winning excellence.

It is easy to see how fans of other teams and perhaps other owners, coaches and players could be envious of the Patriot’s success. And make no mistake about it—they are. There are a boat load of teams who would exchange places with the Patriots in a nano second.

The media has managed to do a good job in framing the Patriots as a soiled and dirty franchise. Good versus evil is a major seller in any walk of life. Many a film maker has made a great living off of this theme. God bless!

Yet within the NFL league circles, the Patriot’s owner Bob Kraft and the way they run their organization are a model for many.
Additionally, Bill Belichick’s coaching tree is up there with the best of all time, and he is clearly a recognized football genius. And perhaps very good at being devious.

Given the nature, attitude, demeanor, tone, and his actions it is easy to dislike Belichick and the Pats. Who likes an uncooperative, surly, uncommunicative, arrogant person in any walk of life?

In some uncharacteristic moments, Belichick appears to have been a relative delight this week at camp Super Bowl. And you have to give him super points for not caring what anyone else thinks. Few can say that in any walk of life.

Years after Spygate few know the exact details of that transgression, and the facts about Deflate-gate have not as yet been made public.

However, that has not stopped the rumor mill from churning out a new leak as the story takes on new twists and turns daily.
Some in the press could not find a new and novel thought if they tripped over it, so this was clearly a boon for those that lack imagination and original ideas.

It seems so easy to forget that the NFL is an entertainment business, one that seeks to operate in a manner that is best for them. Sometimes they get it correct, at other times they don’t.

It is the naïve person that thinks that the NFL is after the truth rather than the truth that economically suits them– or presents them in the best light.

You are confused if you think the NFL is run like a monastery, it is a huge profit making business that looks out for its own best interests– as any business should.

However, the NFL does provide entertainment and an outlet for anyone with an opinion, issue, feelings or thoughts to express and vent with little or no consequence.

Football and the NFL are clearly modern descendants of the Roman Coliseum and most likely if given the chance many would give a thumbs down, as many aspects of human nature (both good and bad) have not changed in thousands of years.
What is not to like?

Barring some unforeseen circumstances, bizarre or outlandish behaviors on their parts, win or lose this Super Bowl, Belichick and Tom Brady are going to the Hall of Fame. And the Patriots are beyond a doubt the NFL’s most successful franchise.

A poll came out this week that they are near the bottom of the league in terms of popularity. For good reason.

We hate em because we ain’t em!