Picking the Super Bowl Winner Is Not Rocket Science



Anyone who has a decent knowledge of sports or even life for that matter can figure out what it takes to win. It is just doing it that is hard!!
Using the Super Bowl as an example.

1-Off field preparation is paramount this includes both physical and mental preparation

2-The team that executes at a higher rate will have a better chance to win

3-The team who makes the least amount of mistakes will have a better chance to win

4-The types and kinds of mistakes that are made are crucial as is the timing of them

5-The ability to recover from mistakes cannot be underestimated

6-The best team does not always win it is the team that played the best.

hich by definition makes them the best team.

7-There are other keys to winning but I will stop here

In terms of the strategy of the game it has and will continue to be dissected ad infinitum until kickoff.

Last season in the playoffs,  I was 7 of 9. This season I did not pick the playoff winners and was oh so close to 9 of 9 last year, so I figured I could not beat that and decided to stick in the winners column. Nah just decided to not to do it.

What do I look for in the match-up between the Pats and Seahawks?

It is no secret that Bill Belichick likes to take away the other team’s-top player-contributor etc.

So I look for the Pats to focus on stopping Marshawn Lynch and making sure that Russell Wilson stays in the pocket. So I see them putting a lot of players in the box. I do not believe that the Seahawks have the receivers to line up and beat the Pats secondary. And I do not see Wilson being a prolific passer. It would be wise to allow the Patriot secondary to play man on man coverage and let the Seahawks and Wilson beat them that way.

It seemed that when the Pats have played zone they have gotten beaten more frequently then when in man on man. It appeared that they made adjustments and went to more of a man to man coverage after using a soft zone in their other playoff games. The Pats are very good at disguising their coverages. Who has a Jamie Collins?

I know a lot of people are focusing on Gronk as the key to the Pats winning. I do not see it that way. I see the Pats defense being the key.

In terms of the Seahawks what can you say? They line up with an imposing, talented defense (and that is an understatement). So they are going to do their thing. I look for them to be very physical with the Pats as they are with everyone and attempt to impose their will on them.

As usual they are going to do all they can to disrupt the other team’s offense as it has been shown that if you get in Brady’s face like many other QBs Brady does not play as well. They are also going to look to try and disrupt the Pats receivers and keep them from getting clean releases off the line of scrimmage.

This should be a titanic struggle and the Seahawks seem to be able to push everyone around and impose their will.

However they are facing the Patriots this time and the Pats are an extremely mentally and physically tough team so I do not see the Seahawks having their way with them. The Pats if not successful one way will just keep trying and find a way to crack the Seahawks defense. Too many weapons.

Look for Pete Carroll to give Bill Belichick and the Pats a dose of their own medicine with trick plays and various formations etc. That fake field goal they pulled on the Packers is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hopefully with all the talk about balls out of the way which by the way took away from the enjoyment of the buildup to the game both teams are going to show a lot of gut and balls (pardon the pun) and it should be a great game.

I look for the Pats to come out on top. But I reserve the right to change my mind up until game time. And will be revising and updating this article as I see fit or another thought comes to me.

Take it to the bank– when I make a can’t miss pick I am highly successful!!!

Enjoy the game.