Tiger Woods: It Is Over



In 2010 I wrote that Tiger Woods would never be the same golfer he was—and he never was for good reason!! I was way out in front on Woods in 2010 there were so many signs-reasons to believe he would never return to form. So I put it out there and it all came to pass.
At that time I wrote:
There may be a multitude of reasons why Tiger Woods is not playing his best golf lately but make no mistake about it Woods is a man who is under a great deal of pressure. While many have said that now that his divorce is behind him he will return to his prior form, nothing could be less than certain.
First, divorce is a major psychological stressor and the effects of it cannot be underestimated as Woods is dealing with the breakup of his marriage and loss of his family. His wife Erin has stated that she has been publically humiliated by the whole sordid affair and so has Woods. It has been my experience that people often take years to get over the effects of divorce which can leave them depressed, unhappy, lonely and lost.
Woods is simultaneously attempting to cope with his sexual compulsions which more than likely provided him with a false sense of intimacy and connectedness, as men who have the kind of relationships that Woods had generally have intimacy issues.
The only way they know how to feel connected is through compulsive sexual behaviors and being physically attached versus emotionally related and vulnerable. Woods most likely felt compelled to act in this manner much in the same way a drug addict, or compulsive gambler feels compelled to take drugs and gamble.
In 2013 I followed this article up with one that stated that while Woods was not the golfer HE once was he certainly was playing at a level that many others would envy. But here too, I again stated he would never again be the dominating Tiger we once knew.
There is no way around it now as Woods continues what has been nothing short of a steady decline. And he was unable to fully recover from the issues he was dealing with after the affair-scandal broke—never returning to his once dominant form.
Additionally Woods given his age, the way his body has steadily broken down, changes in his mechanics and coaches, as well as his life-style (father, girl-friend etc.) and motivational level– have all come together to produce the product you are seeing on the golf course.  And God only knows what really happened with his teeth.
Time and life march on for us all!
Woods is never going to be the Tiger he was ever again. Sure we might see some major wins here and there, but the consistent dominating excellence is never going to return.
What a stellar career Woods has had perhaps before he is finished he will give us further reason to anoint him the greatest of all time. Some already think him to be-Jack Nicholas aside!
The sport of golf has benefited from Woods in ways that go beyond description. He was a generational game changer.
But golf is going to have to find another champion to carry their flag. Stick a fork in the Tiger we once knew—he is done.