Tom Brady: 10 Things About Deflategate Desperation Cheating- More


Tom Brady1-Tom Brady cheated because he probably had been doing it for quite some time and had not been caught.
2-Given the talent Brady has there is no reason for him to cheat. Why did he cheat?

3-It suggests a mindset that cheating is condoned within the organization which from all reports it is.
4-It also suggests that perhaps Brady was and is desperate to win. The Pats had not won a championship in ten years or so…and despite Brady’s procrastinations to the contrary time is running out on his career.
5-Brady should have met with Roger Goodell immediately and struck a deal with him. It would have saved Brady, the Patriots and the league including Goodell a lot of embarrassment. However when you either lack hubris, or think you are not going to suffer the consequences you take the path Brady has.
6-All both sides needed to say was that while there was a disagreement that they came to a meeting of the minds on a two game suspension. Goodell would have allowed Brady to say they disagreed but respected the commissioner’s decision, and Brady would have deferred to Goodell’s status.
Both would have stonewalled and it would have passed. And it still will anyway.
7-The Patriot fans are avid fans and may in fact believe that Brady did not do it, or that the punishment did not fit the crime.
8-Punishment and consequences are often arbitrary and whimsical in the real world none the less in the NFL which is not a court of law. It is a business where the players are employees with a union and contract.
9-People who condone cheating which is their prerogative allow themselves the latitude to cheat themselves. Cheating is prevalent in our society and starts at a very young age.
10- Are the Patriots tarnished—yes- however, this too shall pass and go away. We will find another story to latch onto.
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are going to Canton. Simple as that.