Lebron James Plays All Five Positions While Coaching Cavs

PC: theonion.com

PC: theonion.com

Lebron James told us nothing we did not know when he stated he was the world’s best basketball player. He just forgot to tell us that he also plays all five positions on the court and is the de facto coach of the Cavaliers.
Playing with a rag tag bunch of sidekicks some of whom resemble basketball players who are playing above their abilities with maximum effort, and others who are parading as players, James has been nothing short of spectacularly sensational.
Whether bringing the ball up the court as a guard, playing center, or orchestrating the offense all at the same time James has done something no other could do.
Unfortunately, James cannot do it all and the Cavaliers not only look at times gassed due to a lack of NBA ready bodies due to injury, but they look at moments so fundamentally and mentally unsound you cannot believe your eyes.
If anyone is questioning why the Knicks got rid of J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert all you have to do is watch Shumpert and Smith miss assignments, and make wrong decisions at crucial times.
At times Shumpert’s play has led me to question what team he is playing for as he has given the ball away to the Warriors so often I have lost count. At this rate perhaps he should don a Warriors uniform.
He seems to be literally lost in space on the court exhibiting poor court awareness and basic basketball instincts.
Smith is simply running out of excuses and he can be exasperating. It is a classic moment to watch a disengaged Smith during timeouts do a disappearing act as he often does not even bother to huddle around the coach (both of them) or his peers.

Poor James he has so little to work with perhaps he is getting a taste of what it is like for many other head coaches who coach teams that lack talent or able bodies.
As for the Warriors you have to give them credit just by the pure fact they are ahead in the series and that is all that counts.
But not so fast, the Warriors at times look just as lost as the Cavaliers do—just less frequently. This does not look like the team that won the most games during the NBA regular season. They too at times look out of sync while lacking intensity and drive.
In spite of it all it has been an entertaining series due to all the dynamics.

It reminds me in some way of two aging fighters who are no longer able to get out of the way of punches and it becomes an entertaining slug fest. Much unlike the Mayweather-Pacquiao.
It would not be shocking to see the Cavaliers force a game seven. My best guess is that they have shot their load and the Warriors have found their stride and will end the series in Cleveland on Tuesday.
The best player in the series –Lebron James, there is no contesting that one, and maybe even the best coach!