Jason Pierre-Paul As Dumb As The Rest of Us

NY Post.com

NY Post.com

All that Jason Pierre-Paul proved by his ill-fated July 4th fireworks accident is that he is as dumb as the rest of us.
That is there are times in everyone’s life when they do something stupid, dumb, less than enhancing, (add anything you want here) and JPP had one of those moments. It cost him dearly.

Writers, fans and every mother and son in America convicted JPP on all counts. He was dumb, immature, impulsive, and so on. Well if you list enough of those personality traits you are bound to get it right.
At the end of the day it will be JPP’s ability to perform on the football field that will determine his NFL career fate.
Personally the loss of a finger, a broken finger, burns and any other injuries JPP sustained that are not known at the moment are no laughing matter.

And how well his recovery goes will not only be up to his doctors and his body, but his mental approach and coping skills.
The thousands of other people who have fireworks related accidents like JPP’s generally do not get the notoriety that he got due to his high profile job. However the majority of accidents are reportedly incurred by children and teens.
Perhaps parents and adults and maybe even JPP himself when he emerges from lock down hiding will use this as a teachable moment.
It will also be interesting to see what the Giants do with JPP, they are a classy organization who helps their players past and present when they are in need. Once a Giant always a Giant.

There is however little doubt that a long term deal is off the table. And no one really knows at this juncture how JPP is going to be perform on the field if and when he is able to return.
So did JPP make a mistake? I think even JPP himself would agree that he erred horribly as he remains hospitalized in Florida.
Dumb, stupid, immature, and so forth it did not take a rocket scientist to say that about JPP—all we had to do was look in the mirror!