Serena Williams Matures Like Fine Wine


As Serena Williams continues to defy age and time there are few superlatives left to say about what is now the greatest women’s tennis player to ever grace the court.
It is little surprise that Williams when healthy regularly beats opponents that are more than a decade younger than she which is no easy feat in any sport.
Williams who has been blessed with an athletic body to die for and natural skills that are breathtaking at times has been aided by a number of advances in the fields of training and fitness which occurred during her tennis career.
And she has taken full advantage of these advances, as her preparation assists her in an era where she now faces many bigger and stronger opponents-which she helped usher in.
None of these players has caught up to her as yet.
Williams noted after her Wimbledon victory that the greatest strength of her game is the mental aspect. That is no surprise as it has unequivocally been shown that the mind-body connection is the key to not only one’s performance but health.

Williams who has been known in the past to get a bit testy with empires and opponents has recently shown increased maturity.

Someone either sat her down and said champions do not behave in the manner in which she did at times, or to her credit she figured it out herself-or both.

No matter, Williams has become more self-reflective, humble and thoughtful with her comments. There appears to be the realization that her career at this level cannot go on forever and she seems grateful for all that she has accomplished while also embracing her current level of play.

Thanks to advances in technology parents will not have to explain to their children what it was like to witness true greatness and the best in the game of all time.
However, there is nothing like witnessing the greatest of all time-in real time as many of us have been privileged to do so.