Matt Harvey By The Numbers


matt-harvey-530Matt Harvey by the numbers a look at what is going on with him.

1-Matt Harvey was not stuck in traffic in the Midtown Tunnel for whatever reason he was late that is between Harvey and the team.  As a fan I could care less. What his teammates and management think-well that is for Harvey to deal with.

2-But be 100% assured Harvey was NOT stuck in traffic or the Midtown Tunnel, he was simply late. What he choose to tell the Mets is their business.  But again he was NOT delayed in traffic.

3-There is an ongoing presumption made by the public that if someone is good at one thing (playing baseball for example) that skill set will translate to other areas. So in this instance Harvey’s social-emotional maturity is not commensurate with his baseball abilities. Although somehow we expect it to be.

4-Harvey is 26 years old there are some 26 year old’s who are smarter and more mature than others. To date, he has not done a good job at managing his fame, that goes with his job. Trust me Harvey does not want headaches, he just cannot seem to get out of his own way at times.

5-It has been reported that Harvey is not well liked by his teammates and irked them with his behaviors–well many of us are in that position. This is nothing new many people do not like the people they work with. It is a just a matter of how Harvey wants to manage it-or if he is able to manage and deal with it.

6-While there is room for maturational growth, Harvey does not come off as “user friendly” –that is his vibe is not a good one and it is being picked up by the media, public and most importantly his employer. He might want to work on his Q rating– and manage his image a bit better if he is able to. Believe it or not it takes practice and some catch on earlier than others.

7-The things that Harvey is doing are not atypical it happens all the time in work places around the country, unfortunately for Harvey his mistakes get played out in public. and he is under scrutiny.  Here too all this comes with his job.

8-In terms of his explanation for his actions Harvey does not owe us one but he needs to be cognizant of how we are going to take his behaviors, tone and attitude.  If in fact he lied yesterday or changed his story–well what can you do? If he changed his mind about how many innings he was going to pitch-so be it.

People lie for a myriad of reasons mostly not to get caught or look bad. Sometimes they are truly confused.

9-Harvey got up in front of the press and took full blame as he should have. I can assure you he paid the price with his teammates and employers.

10-Many say Harvey is self-centered –join the club.  Here too it only matters if Harvey cares or is cognizant of how his behaviors are affecting others. This too is a skill set that can be changed.

11-Hopefully Harvey will learn and mature. If not he is going to be in for a long hard road.

Onto the playoffs!