New York Giants Major Changes Needed And Coming

PC: Getty

PC: Getty

The New York Giants are at an end of an era. The Coughlin-Manning and possibly Reese era is coming to an end

The Giants are a loyal organization who values loyalty and continuity appreciates what Coughlin has done. Two Super Bowl Championships will forever be remembered in Giants lore.

On top of that the Giants like Coughlin as a person which is going to make it doubly harder to let him go.

Coughlin is realistic enough to realize that these qualities only go so far in the NFL and will take it with the class and dignity he has displayed throughout his tenure with the Giants.

Anyone who thinks it is about age is off their rocker.  It is about winning, something that Coughlin has not done. It is about performance and sadly for Coughlin strapped with an ordinary roster he could not make gold out of straw.

In the end it came down to a failure to win

A class organization top to bottom–in a merciless league. Listen as Dr. Lustberg analyzes what went wrong with the Giants-which is not rocket science.