Rex Ryan Manic To The Core


Brash, bombastic and full of bluster Rex Ryan marched into Buffalo much the way he marched into Jet land and the NFL coaching fraternity and once again proclaimed that there was a new sheriff in town.
Predictably proclamations followed, predictions were incessant, taunts were common and with all that Ryan was at it again. The playoffs were a certainty and his team was going to be feared by all.
Except none of that happened and Ryan is once again a humbled man left to explain why his prognostications did not come to pass. Most recently, Ryan needed a vote of confidence from ownership as there were rumors that could have been one and done in Buffalo.
At this point in time Ryan appears to be a glorified defensive coordinator masquerading as a head coach albeit with a manic high and low side to him. And his team the Bills, often reflects this impulsive, poorly regulated aspect of him on the field.
From the beginning it always smells like a circus and there are those who are charmed and titillated by the modicum of success Ryan has had and his fiery persona. He is nothing short of a great front and back page story as the press can always count on him to help them do their jobs.
Ryan’s football lineage is well documented-his famous father, his brother and the rest of the clan. There is no denying that football is in the family DNA-so are their tempers and penchant for putting their feet in their mouths.
Ryan by all accounts is a well-liked coach and individual which is supported by the many public testaments of the players who profess their love of playing for him. Although there have been recent rumblings in Buffalo that some players have not taken to him as they have in the past, and Ryan professed to be hurt by this.
Ryan impresses at times as a man who has mood swings, that is- he is either high or low while at times as being overly emotional and a very sensitive, as you see in his wide range of emotional reactions.
His life off the field mirrors that as he is a thrill seeker jumping out of planes and seeking other high risk activities.
It is usually the case that the more blustery comments one makes, the more likely that they are to attempts to compensate for feeling less than best, and to reassure themselves that they are good enough
It has been my experience that people like Ryan are less than secure and are in fact quite unsure of themselves. They lack self-confidence, self-worth, and right below the surface are actually quite fragile. Thus they need to prop themselves up with blustery promises.
Emotional regulation is difficult for many of us. It requires a great deal of self-monitoring and the ability to stabilize oneself quickly when situations arise that bring out intense emotional reactions within us.
Coaches are under enormous pressure on many fronts and are constantly besieged by the demands of their jobs, one of them being dealing with the press who can be incessant in their pursuit of doing their jobs–which is providing us with information and stories.
Ryan appears to struggle with emotional regulation in this venue thus— you never know which Ryan you are going to get. We have gone from blustery, bombastic, to at times overly appropriate or teary eyed.
People are only human and when someone who brags about their abilities in excess—showing a lack of humility—when those individuals fail… they pay the price. And Ryan is surely aware of this but he is who he is and I have come to have a greater appreciation of him over time.
All this does not necessarily make him fit to be a good head football coach. In the NFL winning makes a good coach– and to date Ryan has not delivered on that.