NFL Coaching Vacancies Information Needed


After the firing of so many NFL head coaches on Black Monday immediate speculation began about who would fill the new head coaching openings. And rampant speculation continues—for good reason.

Rumors play important roles in our psychological and emotional lives–so much so that we cannot do without them. Rumors and speculation will continue until all the openings are filled, with fan and media fantasies and gossip running amok.

The Miami Dolphins have scooped up Adam Gase, the Browns are looking everywhere including under rocks, how many coaches have they had over the last decade? Conjecture abounds about who is going to be the Giants, 49ers, Titans, and Bucs next coaches. Have I left anyone out?

As for particular candidates, Lovey Smith is being shown no love, and Chip Kelly needs to beat the rap that he cannot relate. Tom Coughlin is going to be interviewing with the Philadelphia Eagles while creating a sense of drama in the NFL Eastern division. Can’t Josh McDaniels get the respect he deserves, and is the entire Bengal and Panther assistant coaching staffs that good? Who’s on first?

Sometimes finding out who is going to get the position or talking about it is more fun than the outcome, as once the first snap of the 2016 season occurs it will be wins and losses that count.

This is actually no different than what happens in every business and life in general.

Developmentally, the telling and disseminating of rumors/gossip starts very early beginning in preschool and kindergarten and continuing until a person passes.

On the most elementary level it gives people something to talk about and distracts them from their own problems and issues.

The obtaining of information is germane to our society, especially information and knowledge that others do not know. Knowledge about others is at a premium especially in the world of sports, entertainment, and politics where reporters are constantly looking to gain scoops and exclusive access.

They are also under pressure to produce a tremendous amount of content on an internet filled with countless sports sites.  Under this pressure it is no coincidence that they use rumors and any grains of truth to write a story.

Sometimes rumors are just that– other times they turn into facts. It is just hard to determine truth from innuendo and pure falsehoods. But what would we do without watercooler talk to distract us? Think for ourselves?

In addition, gossip provides us all with an outlet and an opportunity to both perhaps help and hurt others depending upon the information they are disseminating and their feelings about the people they are talking about.

At times people simply make up rumors to achieve these feelings, as well as outcomes and more.  It has been my experience that they have been also been associated with people’s fantasies and unfulfilled wishes.

Rumors are frequently spread through third party communications. The third party always has an agenda in revealing information that involves two other people

On a deeper level it gives people the feeling of power and superiority as they are in possession of information that others do not have—and wish to know.

So the tidbit you hear about your favorite player or coach being fired, hired or traded, understand that we are loving it and need it, as it is just an endemic part of who we are.

For my two cents, I like Mike Smith he is itching to get back in, and he has demonstrated competence. Smith has also been insightfully reflective about where he went wrong in Atlanta.

He will be a gem of a hire for the team that gets him— pass it on.