Petyon Manning Retirement Talk Takes On Presidential Importance


untitledIs Peyton Manning retiring or is he going to come back? Only Peyton Manning knows for sure although it seems that his professional career is as important to some of us as it is to Manning.

My goodness what is all the fuss about? More media space and or thought has been given to Manning’s future than perhaps to the Presidential campaign-or not!

I can certainly appreciate the thrills and entertainment Manning has given his fans and football aficionados throughout the years.

Manning as all have agreed is one hell of a football player and even a nicer guy as many of his peers have attested. Despite his showing his human side when he unabashedly shilled for Budweiser in his post Super Bowl comments.

But the verve and zeal about Manning’s future has gone well beyond objective. It has become downright about us. It always is.

You think Manning is the only one who has had an illustrious career in his field? Think again.

Manning is really no different than anyone else when it comes to making a decision about their retirement or career. He just happens to be in the media spotlight and this has provided a heck of a lot of emotional entertainment for those involved with sports.

And that in and of itself is the key component as we project our own ideas, needs and desires onto Manning. It always is.

Sure everyone is going to have an opinion about whether or not Manning should retire because that is what we do as a society, we give solicited and sometimes unsolicited opinions about most anything. But in the end it will be up to Manning and also if any NFL team would want him at this stage of his career.

It is amazing how we bring our own personal selves to the football arena because it is not as if many of us do not face career changes and-or retirement issues in our own lives—because we do.

While I have discussed retirement with many professional athletes, I have spoken with far many other professionals from a wide range of diverse fields and they face many of the same issues that Manning is facing.

It is just that Manning’s farewell is playing out center stage due to his high profile profession so we get to experience it first-hand through him.

While Manning’s situation may concretely differ from some others in that retirement comes much earlier in sports than in many other fields due to the inability to perform at a necessary level to continue. He is going through what most of us go through when we retire.

Who cannot relate to not being needed or not being able to perform at a level they once did, as many struggle with all of the emotional conflicts and hurdles we all face when we are going to either retire or transition to act two in our lives.

Many speak of not being able to perform their jobs as they once did as their bodies betray them and their abilities fade, and wondering what they are going to do next with their lives.

It is interesting to hear many how athletes speak about missing their daily routines, the competition and achieving their dreams and the comradery they experienced at their jobs. But so do the rest of us.

Many athletes talk about how they continue to live their lives by their sports calendar and miss the structure that their routines it provided for them. Work provides all this and more for all of us not just professional athletes.

It seems that the public only gets to see the athletes that do successfully make the transition to life off the playing field. Although it seems that every athlete who retires either gets a job in broadcasting or coaching that is far from the case.

We are often treated to post career tragic stories of athletes who do not do well-post career as they were unprepared for life after their careers.

Stories abound about athletes who squander their monies and land up broke and depressed—well so do many of the rest of us.

Athletes who retire successfully (as many do) or not so successfully are no different than the rest of us.

We just imagine that they are