Yoenis Cespedes Superstar Athlete Addictive Personality


imagesBy now we have all heard the rags to riches story of Yoenis Cespedes a Cuban baseball player who risked it all to come to the United States while leaving his two year old son behind.

A lucky, grateful Cuban escapee who is blessed with uncommon abilities on the playing field which have made him a multi-millionaire, Cespedes  once reportedly rode a bicycle around his home land.

He has stated he realized that he could get whatever he wanted in the United States if he worked hard. That much is true. And Cespedes most certainly earned his American dream, as he is the envy of his fellow millionaire players for his massive collections of high priced toys.

Cespedes now drives around in fancy-dan cars and vehicles which cost oodles and oodles of money– in fact he collects them. He also from all reports owns slews of boats and is an avid golfer who does not miss a day on the course.
It was reported that while Cespedes felt the love of his both his teammates and fans he also loved the idea of living close to five different golf courses.
Cespedes is also reportedly in violation of the fire code at Citi Field as he has a dedicated bathroom which he visits between innings to smoke cigarettes as other players’ aide him in getting the smoke out of the bathroom. So much for being “in the game”.
Sort of like smoking in the bathroom at school but with the Mets turning the other cheek. In fact Cespedes is a chain smoker and star athletes as we know are often enabled and in this case playing golf, and smoking in the bathroom are winked, winked away. His cap turned the other way-ah so what.
Those gold chains and multiple colored arm guards point to compulsive or overly particular behaviors.
But all the above aside, people like Cespedes are addictive personalities, those that cannot stop their behaviors and experience their wants and desires to be so emotionally overwhelming they need to be immediately satisfied.
While it perhaps can be said that Cespedes is compensating for a deprived childhood (and who could blame him) his purchases seem to know no end. Sure he can afford them and it is great that he can—but where does gluttony end and restraint begin? Where does gluttony end and where does addiction begin?
There is little doubt that Cespedes is addicted to nicotine, research and common sense shows that addicts are susceptible to multiple addictions and Cespedes spends untold sums of monies on his toys.
Even nice guy millionaires athletes like Cespedes have to show some restraint and save-or do they? We too often have been down the sad road where post career athletes are broke as they did not manage their monies well.
What is Cespedes to do when his money outruns his addictive side? I most certainly hope we do not find out because few addicts are able to stop their behaviors even when they have millions upon millions.

One day those checks are going to stop coming—hopefully by that time Cespedes will have found some self-control because he will not have enough money to buy a pack of cigarettes if he doesn’t, as those who are truly addicted will attest to.

They do not have a pot to urinate in nonetheless a dedicated bathroom to smoke in.