Bell Boutique Last Place On Earth To Stay


Bell3Imagine driving up to an uninviting run down area that is in the process of being built up. However, the area first has to be demolished before it can be rehabilitated. This is the area that The Bell Hotel sometimes (aka Bell Spa) is located in. Unfortunately, since it is in Israel it reminded us of bombed out buildings from rockets.

Trash lines the streets as do scuzzy couches/beds, and walls with graffiti on them. Our parking lot offered by the hotel would not be licensed in the United States. It looked like an old dirt yard.

Beware that this hotel has a no refund policy–for good reason–once you get there you want to run away as fast as you can. Seedy does not do it justice.

Words cannot describe the abject filth in the room.  Dirty uncleaned glasses, filthy piled sheets and bedding, a shade that when you touched it dust came flying out and walls that were scared and needed more than a paint job. And an odor that went with it.

The bathroom is disgusting there are no other words to describe it. Ants-creatures were running around the floor and the shower can best be described as one you would get at the beach with wooden planks to rinse off on. Walking bare foot in the bathroom would be inviting fungus plus.

An unappealing lobby and hotel staff that you got the impression would walk right over you if you dropped dead on the floor- however they barely had a pulse themselves.

But that did not stop them from trying to keep both a picture of our passport and driver’s license—which became a struggle to get back. The impression was one of an attempt to steal our identities.

Having been all over the world asking for this degree of identification is unheard of. Additionally, making copies (for sale perhaps) is also unheard of in our experiences.

We asked for a refund as we purchased our reservation from Expedia who is no doubt their partner in this matter.

Expedia was of no assistance, in fact it was they who recommended this slum lord hotel.  Conversations with both parties and hours spent with Expedia did no good. In fact Expedia is just a simple middle man in the whole process-taking their cut and running.

We were fortunate enough to get a lovely hotel about a mile and a half away. The manager clearly knew of the Belle Boutique and said all of the business community shared the same opinion of them.

She attempted to speak with them to assist us in getting a refund to no avail.  She explained for a country that needed tourism in the worst way that this was no way to do business.  We agreed and also tried our best to reason with them.  If they would not listen to one of their own-why us?

Moreover, a manager seemed never to be on duty nor were they available when we called. So it gives you some idea of who is running the asylum.

They decided to stick to the letter of the law—and they were advised that we were going to write and warn people of what to expect.

Their reply was go ahead.  We think that this speaks volumes and speaks solely and only to them.

We suggest you keep this in mind when you make a reservation with the Belle Boutique, Bell Boutique Spa, Bell Hotel which are all aka names for what can only be described as a dive.

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