NFL Week 6 Can’t Miss Picks


Week 6 Can’t Miss NFL Picks

nfl-pickspicBeen asked to do it so…

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The Bills over the 49ers (Rex Ryan lives another season?)

The Eagles over the Redskins (These two teams were rebuilding?)

The Titans over the Browns

The Ravens over the Giants (A near must win for both do you see the Ravens losing 3 in a row? And the Giants picked to win the division?)

The Panthers over the Saints (My how the Saints have fallen)

The Bears over the Jaguars (Fox is also on the firing line)

The Lions over the Rams

The Steelers over the Dolphins (A franchise with patience Mike Tomlin rewards front office)

The Patriots over the Bengals ( This will be a close one)

Chiefs over the Raiders (are Raiders for real?)

Texans over the Colts (Pagano on the firing line)

Cardinals over the Jets (A near must win for both and the Jets were overrated)