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Dr. Lustberg’s On The Couch Column, Blog and Psychology of Sports Podcasts are syndicated on the Internet. He is extensively quoted and published, and is the sole developer and creative force behind The Psychology of Sports. Dr. Lustberg has helped launch and host Psyched Up, a Psychological Podcast addressing pertinent psychological issues for the Suffolk County Psychological Association and Psychology And You for the New York State Psychological Association.

He has been a well sought after speaker and has given numerous interviews to the media on a wide variety of subjects. Dr. Lustberg has been featured in over a hundred newspapers, magazines, and online publications including The New York Times, CBS Sportsline and ESPN, to name just a few. He has appeared on many national television programs including; ESPN News, CNN, and a multitude of radio programs.

Additionally, Dr. Lustberg has been cast in a TV pilot on superstitions and has advised producers and aspiring TV writers regarding their TV scripts and shows. He has also written a TV pilot, and most recently scripted two reality shows. Dr. Lustberg is currently working on another reality show concept outside the world of sport.

Dr. Lustberg’s interest in sports culminated in a well-received PBS oriented radio program that originated in New York. Interviews with major sports figures became the focus of the program and dealt with issues in sport with a psychological focus.His experience in the field of sports psychology has entailed talking with professional athletes regarding topics ranging from depression to retirement, as well as their on field performance. He has also interviewed members of the media about sport related issues. Dr. Lustberg’s work with athletes has included an Olympic Gold Medal winner, aspiring professional athletes, as well as recreational players to help them gain the psychological edge needed to optimally compete.

He has conducted hundreds of psychological evaluations and psychological interviews with a wide range of students and individuals from all walks of life. He has worked extensively with both inner-city and suburban youth, and supervised and advised psychologists.Dr. Lustberg’s research interests and many projects have included the identification of the gifted and talented and non-verbal behavior. As an educator and psychologist Dr. Lustberg assisted in developing different learning and classroom placement models for both special and non-special education students, as well as the development of gifted and talented and work study programs.

Dr. Richard Lustberg is New York State Licensed Psychologist and is a member of the American Psychological Association. He has earned two masters degrees — A Masters of Art and School-Community Psychology, and is dually licensed. He has been in private practice for over twenty years, and has served as a consultant at The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center at Brunswick Hospital Center.