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Consult With Dr. Lustberg

Dr. Lustberg is available for consultation. Dr. Lustberg’s Services:  Free First Session and Then Pay What You Can Afford–No strings attached. Just fill out the contact form and we will set up a time to chat!

  • Consults for problems related to sports performance or performance enhancement.
  • Dr. Lustberg has spoken with and interviewed over a hundred professional athletes regarding a wide range of issues they have faced.
  • Dr. Lustberg is available to discuss and provide counseling for any personal matters professional athletes or their families may face.
  • Provides counseling services for those that are athletically inclined or interested in sports but have psychological issues that they need to address.
  • Dr. Lustberg has worked extensively with both aspiring High School and College athletes. He also assists in helping the athlete make choices regarding his/her career path and college choice.
  • He is also available for entire team consults providing analysis of team and individual dynamics at all age levels.
  • Youth sport parent consults are welcomed!
  • Dr. Lustberg writes for professional publications upon request at reasonable rates.

Contact Dr. Lustberg at 516-678-9155  or directly using this link